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Learn Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Really Works

Medford Comprehensive Treatment Centers: Methadone & Suboxone Clinics

Welcome to the Allied Health Services of Medford website. If you are visiting our site, it is probably because you or someone you love is struggling with an opioid addiction that requires safe and effective treatment. You are likely searching for the type of care that can meet your or your loved one’s needs during this stressful time. We applaud you for taking these first steps towards a life of recovery, and we want you to know that we are prepared to help you or your loved one obtain a life that is free from the chains of opioid addiction.

Attempting to defeat an addiction to a substance such as a prescription painkiller or heroin can be incredibly challenging without the help of trained professionals. By deciding to receive care from Allied Health Services of Medford, you will be provided with the type of treatment and compassion that will help you lay the foundation for achieving all of your treatment goals, including overcoming your dependency on opioids. Our staff of devoted professionals will help lead you towards a life that supports recovery and keeps your history of addiction in the past.

Our medication assisted treatment is for individuals aged 18 or older and offers proven effective medications and therapeutic services that have helped countless individuals recover from opioid addictions. We pair the best and most necessary treatment options with each patient so that each individual need is properly addressed throughout his or her stay at our center. Our skilled team of professionals includes nurses, counselors, and doctors. Each member of our staff puts every ounce of effort into all patients to ensure that they are achieving their treatment goals. Once participating in our medication assisted treatment program, you will experience the true physical and emotional relief from an addiction to opioids that can only be provided by Allied Health Services of Medford. To learn more about the medications that we supply, as well as the therapies that we offer, reach out to one of our admissions specialists today. At Allied Health Services of Medford, you can change your life for the better.

Medford Testimonial

The staff here did a great job helping me understand and overcome many of the underlying causes to my addiction. I’m so thankful for their continued help and support of my recovery.

- Patient in Medford