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As a leading provider of medication assisted treatment, Allied Health Services Medford offers highly individualized care that has been proven effective in safely treating even the most severe of opioid addictions. The countless men and women whose lives have been transformed by the care our center provides are proof that our utilization of time-tested medications and evidence-based therapeutic interventions can help people overcome chemical dependency.

When a man or woman chooses our center to embark on the road to recovery, he or she will receive truly customized care. Each need will be identified, explored, addressed, and treated so that healing and recovery can be achieved. Because of this level of tailored treatment, the cost for services at Allied Health Services Medford can differ from one patient to the next.

Before a patient begins treatment, the cost for services rendered is thoroughly discussed so that each patient is fully aware of how much he or she will be paying. Additionally, the following methods of payment are acceptable at our center:

  • Cash
  • Money orders
  • Major credit cards (the issued credit card holder must be present)

Furthermore, Allied Health Services Medford does allow patients to use insurance to pay for services and can perform the following tasks before treatment begins:

  • Verify eligibility for services
  • Check coverage for insurance reimbursement

It is important to know, however, that patients are required to pay for treatment upfront. Regardless of whether or not a patient wishes to use his or her insurance, payment is still mandatory. Those who intend to use their insurance can submit an invoice for services paid to their insurance company in order to be reimbursed for funds paid to Allied Health Services Medford.

If you or someone you care about would like more information about the cost of treatment at our center, contact our helpful admissions staff today. At Allied Health Services Medford, the start to a healthy, opioid-free future is but a phone call away.